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TTB Trevita

If I had to name a dream, this name would be Trevita. Trevi, how we like to caress her, is a champagne female pitbull that we imported straight from USA, from our good friends and partners: Triple Thret Bullys.

She constantly continues to amaze us both with her character and her with her productions. Moreover, the way she passes on her look and drive to puppies is absolutely astonishing.

Sunline's Yukka

Sunline’s Yukka, or the ,,The Holy Grail of XL genetics”, how we like to call her, is a female that raised the standards of the industry, a living legend, and one of our main producing females. Her body structure and also her temperament are making her the ideal female for breeding.

Sister to Boris, she needs no further introduction, as her eyes will tell you everything you need to know. Due to her aspect, people usually associate her with a black panther.

Sika's Madonna

Madonna is a XL tri female, born here at our kennel. She stands tall with an imperative posture and the look of a model. Elegant and graceful, Madonna is definitely worthy of her name.

Perfection in structure and color are the words to describe her body, while kindness and tenderness are the way to describe her attitude. Extremely joyful and cheerful, Madonna is extremely loving and caring with all the other dogs from our kennel.

Sika's La Reina

La Reina’s potential is absolutely huge, and we do nothing more but to encourage her to reach it. We believe that her time to shine has come, and now the next step is to put her mark in the Merle XL bully world.

With her looks and temper, her puppies will be amazing – there’s no doubt about that.

Sika's Summer

Summer is a Merle tricolor female born at our kennel quite a while ago. She has the look we were searching for and the same one we love to work with. Summer is, without a doubt, one of the stars in our kennel.

With great structure, absolutely amazing temperament and extremely high drive, she continues to impress us a little more each and every day. This girl is absolutely perfect, we know it and you should know it as well.

Sika's Luna

Lunna is one of the first XL blue tricolor females in our yard, but for sure still one of the best. Without a doubt, and exactly just like her parents, this girl has a league of her own. Lunna has a wide chest, great drive and truly graceful.

Her temper is kind and cheerful, and her overall amazing structute is extremely easy to notice.

Sika's Hella

What could we say more about Hella that you can’t get from this picture? Hella is the coolest and one of the most colorful  dog in our kennel.

Sheeva is extremely joyful and cheerful. She’s a very active dog, always looking to play and have fun. Hella’s puppies usually get both her looks and her attitude, and that makes them the perfect match for active people.

Sika's Inna

Inna is another special Merle tricolor female born at our kennel. This girl is very tall and has a massive body just like her daddy. Im sure she will produce some of the future monster furry balls at our kennel.
This girl is absolutely perfect.

Sika's Black Mamba

We decided to make our best to get the finest black Xl bullys. Thats why we created this amazing exemplar named Black Mambla. She is strong, she is agile, she is big. Moreover she has the Sika Bulls look everyone is looking for, light eyes.

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